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We Have Come So Far In Developing a 21st Century Learning Enviornment

Wow! What an amazing year it has been. We have been working on our Understanding 21st Centery Learning project for 12 months now. We have made significant gains increase creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking into our classrooms K-4.

Students are enjoying and motivated to work on the computers, iPads, iPods, and laptops in a variety of subject areas. They have no fear and will try anything. We have given them really solid lessons and practice on appropriate use and digital citizenship skills, now it is time to get out of their way.

We have just come back from Spring Break and we are checking the list:

  • Taught the 7 Habits of Digital Citizenship Check
  • Students have taken home the Digital Citizenship contracts, completed the at home portion and returned them to school – Check
  • We have a school division Acceptable Use Policy in place – Check
  • We have written a letter to explain to parent that we are moving towards a classroom environment that will support their child’s learning in the 21st Century and provide them with the skills of today – Check
  • The School Division has all schools supported with a wireless interface – Check
  • We have had teachers using wireless devices of all types to get comfortable and use to managing them – check
  • We have written a contract  for students to bring their own devices to school – Check
  • We have written a contract for students to have their own email and blog – Check
  • We have brainstormed and planned for anything that we can think of that might go wrong and have a list of Frequently Asked Questions – Check
  • We have read other teachers thoughts and plans for BYOD. (BYOD in Primary by @techang) – Check
  • We are ready – Check

Where do we go now?

  1. We send home the letter and contracts with students in classrooms as the teachers are ready for this big step.
  2. We teach/model/believe that our devices are tools not toys.
  3. We plan for the use of devices in curricular support activities that will enhance the students learning opportunity.
  4. We share with each other and around the world what is working and what we need to fix. WE COLLABORATE!


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