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IREC Education Plan 2012.2013 Goal 1

Goal 1: What will be the effect on student achievement in communication & collaboration skills if we facilitate the development of the 7Habits, based on timeless principles, to create a trusting, safe & caring community of learners?

Specific Strategies:   

  • Implement 7Habits training for new staff
  • Secure community funding for 7Habits resources
  • Model & teach the 7Habits so that they become embedded in the school culture (ie. digital citizenship)
  • Celebrate at monthly assemblies
  • Celebrate daily through Leadership Awards
  • Provide many student leadership opportunities such as greeters at doors, tour guides, announcements, & M.C.s at assemblies.
  • Share information on the 7Habits with our school council at their regular meetings
  • Support groups which our FSLW facilitates:
  1. Roots of Empathy
  2. Changing Families
  3. Volcano Club
  4. Friends for Life
  5. Grade 4 girls Friendship Club
  6. Grade 4 boys Friendship Club
  7. Friends for Life

Measurable:  Critical Evidence Indicators

  • Student, staff & parent surveys.
  • Discipline reports from PowerSchool.
  • Evidence of common language and understanding of 7Habits in portfolios, behavior plans, IEPTs and IPPs  and in daily interactions.
  • Conversations with stakeholders (face to face, school council, Twitter, Classroom Blogs etc.)


  • Apply a fundamental understanding of the 7Habits to enhance communication & collaboration skills for the 21st Century.
  • Apply a fundamental understanding of the moral issues surrounding digital citizenship.


  • Leader in Me and The 8th Habit by Stephen Covey, 21st Century Skills: Learning For Life in Our Times by B.  Trilling & C. Fadel, The Bully, the Bullies & the Bystander by B. Coloroso.
  • •7 Habits Trainer Resources, Teacher Resources, and on-line resources
  • The Leader in Me Website
  • Children’s Literature
  • WCPS Digital Citizenship on-line resouces
  • People resources: Maureen, Don & Gail Green at FranklinCovey
  • entire school year

One thought on “IREC Education Plan 2012.2013 Goal 1

  1. Our grade two team has gathered effective, manageable and curriculum appropriate resources. We have shared. As team, we have also began pre-assessments in the classroom to plan individual instruction.

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