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IREC’s Excellent Learning Environments Journey

photoAs a school division our  (AISI) Alberta Initiative for School Improvement initiative is to create Excellent Learning Environment for all learners. We are in the first year of a three year cycle for this goal. In year one, our goal is to obtain a working knowledge of the 12 ELEs. This means that we can have a conversations around the ELEs, understand the vocabulary and be able to visualize what each component would look like in a classroom. In year two and three, we will dive even deeper into further creating Excellent Learning Environments in our classrooms.


Excellent Learning Environments (ELEs) are:


Where are we at?

As a school we felt we have a good working knowledge of the 12 ELEs. This is due, in part, to the past 4 AISI cycles providing us  knowledge and understanding around many of the 12 components one at a  time. Therefore, each Professional Learning Team (PLT) has  chosen  one ELE   to work on deepening their understanding, building their skill set and exploring their new knowledge. Each teams goals are posted in the previous post  IREC Education Plan 2012-2013 Goal 2.


As a school we have chosen to research and implement new knowledge around ELE #1 – Culture and Expectations.

As well as, gain new knowledge and a better working understanding in ELE #4 – Planning; Utilizing a Backwards Design Framework.

Culture and Expectations:AISI 6

When we discuss culture and expectations we don’t only mean are the students happy and safe (which we truly know is important).  We are  also discussing is the classroom and the school set up in a way that allows teachers the time to work with students individually or in a small group setting. Do the other children have meaningful learning activities to take part in? Have they worked together with their class to build their independence and their excellent work habits? Is their differentiated learning opportunities for all learning needs?


As the AISI Leader I am fortunate to attend monthly AISI meetings where we have the opportunity to do in depth learning and hands on activities to build my understanding of each ELE. This allows me to bring the knowledge that our leadership team identifies as a need for us back to our staff. I work very closely with the other members of our leadership team to plan and carry out professional learning opportunities for our staff. We meet on a regular basis to plan and discuss how we are doing within our own school setting.


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