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Student Blogs for Student Engagement

Student blogging is one of IREC’s next steps into the digital world. All of the students in my class (and many others in our school) have created their own blogs as a way to showcase their work, share their writing, and explore their communication skills. Though we are using different blog platforms, such as KidBlog and Weebly, the final product is the same: personalized and thoughtful student blogs. Please click on the links below for a sneak peek into some of the blogs currently under construction in our school.

Student blogs are an important way to connect parents to their child’s learning. Parents can see their child’s work, comment on their progress, and have meaningful conversations at home about new accomplishments and challenges that their child is encountering at school.

iPads have become an important learning tool at school, and many applications allow students to showcase their learning by creating picture files of their app-based work. Students are also creating videos and slideshows to share their experiences, to demonstrate a new skill, or to extend their learning.  These can often be inserted into blog posts and shared instantly and meaningfully with parents.

The most important reason for students to create and maintain a blog is to provide regular opportunities for authentic writing. Students are adding posts at school and from home, and are able to connect with their peers and the world on a daily basis through writing. Students can provide feeback to each other, revise and edit their own work, and share their views on many different topics. Blogs also provide excellent lessons on digital citizenship as our yooung writers constantly revisit what is appropriate information to share on the internet.

If your child has a studnet blog, please take the time to visit it often. You can stay informed and involved in daily learning, and your comments and responses mean the world to your child!


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