What’s So Great About Twitter

By @mSchlemko & @sahlinvic

Do you want to … 

  • Learn from others by extending your personal learning network (PLN)?
  • Keep up to date on current research, trends and news?
  • Get new ideas about what you are passionate about?
  • Get feedback from peers and experts?
  • Connect and collaborate with others around the world?

Twitter is an excellent social media device that allows you to do all of this in an instant.

Video: Twitter in 60 Seconds

What my Connections on Twitter Means to Me

by Alec Couros via flickr
  • Daily professional development
  • Help and support from my peers and experts
  • Chat groups based on my needs and areas I would like to grow and contribute
  • Answers/feed back from peers that understand the challanges of the education field
  • Connections for me and my classroom to the world
  • Social Connections with others you wish also taught in your building

Others Thoughts

Traci Landry (@tlandrydtsd)
11-08-22 2:29 PM I think being on twitter is like attending the best conference in the world and you get to pick the speakers.

Beth Still – What My Connection on Twitter Means to Me – Blog entry, June 8, 2011

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